Silhouette Art

fox-faceI’ve already noted my fondness for tree silhouettes, but I recently discovered how easy (and neat-looking) framed silhouettes are. If you’re a Photoshop user, you can open an image and adjust the brightness and contrast until it’s a silhouette, then print it out, or simply sketch one onto paper or canvas, and color it in with paint, pastels or colored pencil. If you prefer not to draw freehand, print out a copy of a picture, lay it on top of carbon paper, then lay both on top of a canvas. Trace along the outside of the silhouette, and the carbon paper will copy the outline to your canvas.

If you use a flat canvas, it’s fairly easy to find a cheap picture frame to go with it, and thicker stretched canvases look nice hanging unframed–just paint the sides so it looks uniform around the edges. If you go the frame route, check out local Goodwill and second-hand stores and give that frame a new coat of paint (or not, if you like it as-is), and your homemade art instantly looks legit! Here are some silhouettes that inspired me:
bear-silhouette deer-silhouette dog-silhouette foxy oh-dear


found this nice silhouette online…


…so I painted a copy for myself!