Instant Kitchen Facelift: Removing Cabinet Doors

Maybe it’s the darker winter days making everything a bit gloomy, or my tacky kitchen cabinets that make that space overwhelmingly…brown–whatever the reason, I recently decided my kitchen wasn’t bright enough and could stand a facelift. The cabinets could certainly stand to be painted a lighter color, or completely removed and replaced with floating shelves, but I don’t have that kind of time or energy at the moment. Another easy way to open up the space in your kitchen, but without having to do a lot? Remove the cabinet doors!

This is relatively easy to do, and lets you make a minor change that can have a big impact. It’s also a good project for folks on a budget, or for renters who aren’t allowed to make drastic changes to their kitchen.

A few tips:

  1. You can do this alone, but if your cabinet doors are heavy, proceed with caution–nobody wants you to get bonked on the head with that door, and holding it steady while removing the hinges can be tricky (I used an electric screwdriver and made sure to move breakable things out of the way).
  2. Once the inside cabinet is revealed, you might want to spruce it up with some contact paper (easy to find–check out the links in my post on contact paper projects), or a contrasting shade of paint.
  3. Because the cabinet contents are now on display, group things in like colors so it doesn’t look too cluttered (I opted to keep a few doors on, in order to hide my mismatched items), or employ some baskets or storage bins to keep things tidy.
  4. Make sure you have a good kitchen exhaust/vent if you remove cabinet doors near your stove–airborne oil particles from frying stuff may travel and cling to exposed items.

And there you have it–a more open space that looks lighter and brighter! It’s also much easier now for guests to find things and to put things away. Some inspiration:


from Apartment Therapy


from Emily Ann Interiors


from Houzz


from In Your Back Pocket


My own work in progress. Next up–covering the interior with contact paper!