Estate Sale Finds

Picked up some neat stuff from an estate sale last weekend. Estate sales are not only a free way to poke around inside fancy houses in neighborhoods you like, they’re also great opportunities to find old treasures that you can keep as-is, or fix up and re-sell. The two pieces below actually go with the grandma-chic/Anthropologie vibe in my place, but come summer, I’ll probably take ’em outside and give them a coat of glossy black or espresso brown paint to make them a little more contemporary.

Estate sales are often listed in local newspaper classified ads, or online on places like Since estate sales are often in an “everything must go” situation, feel free to haggle on pricing, and if you’re looking for furniture or fixtures, bring some tools like a wrench and screwdriver set in case you need to dismantle stuff. Happy treasure hunting!


DIY Headboards

Lately I’ve been thinking of putting a headboard in my bedroom, but want to avoid the cost of anything too fancy or the effort of actually building something from scratch. There are lots of options out there, such as painting a headboard design directly on the wall, using a wall decal, or painting a piece of salvaged wood or a door (you’ll just need hardware to secure it to the wall).

Most big cities have salvage stores where you can find old doors (and so much more) worth re-purposing. In Seattle, I like Earthwise Architectural Salvage, and Second Use. If you’re in Portland, OR, definitely check out Hippo Hardware.

A few inspiring ideas:

Wall decal from

Wall decal from

Wicker spray-painted fuschia

Salvaged door painted and attached to wall

Salvaged wood propped against wall