Repainting a Mirror

Finally made some time to repaint my recent estate sale finds! Repainting the headboard was a bit of a headache since I was too lazy to detach it from my bed frame prior to slapping on the paint, but the mirror repaint was a cinch–see walk-through below.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Spraypaint — I used a glossy black interior/exterior can of paint from Rust-Oleum
  2. Medium-grit sandpaper — to provide a rough surface for the new paint to stick to
  3. Newspapers or dropcloths — to protect the surface you spray on
  4. Painter’s tape and paper — to cover the mirror if it can’t be detached from the frame
  5. Screwdriver — to remove the mirror if it can be detached from the frame
  6. Rubber gloves (optional) — to protect your hands from the spray paint nozzle
Step 1: remove the mirror from the frame (for mirrors that don’t come apart, you’ll need to cover the glass with paper and secure in place with painter’s tape after step 2).
Step 2: Lightly sand the frame to provide a rough surface for the paint to stick to. Do this outside if you can so you don’t have sandpaper dust flying all over the place.


This is also a good time to clean the mirror glass.

Step 3: On a flat surface outside (preferably someplace out of the wind), spread out papers or dropcloth so it’s a foot or so wider than the object you’re painting. I had to anchor my paper with a few rocks so the breeze wouldn’t flip the pages up onto my frame.

Step 4: Spray away! Most spray-paint cans advise you do this in a well-ventilated area, holding the can about ten inches away from the surface you’re painting, and moving the can in overlapping strokes. The type of paint I used covered very thoroughly on the first pass, but you can do a second coat as needed.
Step 5: The paint I used was dry to the touch in about 20 minutes, but wouldn’t fully dry for a few hours, so I moved the frame indoors (with the windows open), where it could dry peacefully without being exposed to dust and dirt blowing around outside.
Step 6: Once the frame is dry, remove the paper & tape protecting the glass, or replace the glass and backing you removed. Hang your mirror, and enjoy!

Before: antique gold


After: glossy black