Wall Tree Silhouettes

I’m currently obsessed with silhouettes (like the headboard stickers I mentioned recently), for the way they instantly add interest and drama to a space without requiring a lot of effort. If you’re wary of trying to paint something precisely (and who isn’t?), the sticker/decal options out there are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. If you do go the paint route, make sure you use a wall paint (I typically use Behr from Home Depot), and primer the wall/surface first if it’s unpainted.

If you’re afraid of commitment, check out wall decals from Dali, Etsy, and Amazon.com. Some of my favorites, below:


Floating Shelves

Ever wondered what to do with a lonely stretch of wall space, or how to store stuff in a corner that doesn’t accommodate a standard bookshelf? Floating shelves solve both problems easily and beautifully. There are tons of options out there, depending on how heavy the items are you’re going to store on the shelf, what sort of look you’re going for, and how much room you’ve got.

Some good places to browse are the modern options from West Elm, the mix & match shelf and bracket options from IKEA, and the variety of designs (such as sets of boxes, invisible book holders, and neat shapes) from Amazon.com. Make sure you check out the specs for the shelves you buy, since most have a weight limit, and may require you to do a little drilling. Lighter, decorative shelves can often be hung more easily from attached brackets like picture frames.

Shelves painted to match wall color let your accessories have the spotlight

Breaking up the lines of your shelves creates some interest (and is a nice-looking cheat if the shelves aren't exactly the right width for your space)

A small row of objects above a bed, sofa, or mantel makes an easy-to-update display

Extending shelves across an entire wall makes your space look larger

Ditch cabinets in favor of an airier display for cool kitchenware

Another kitchen display with an amazing backdrop color

Lastly, if you adore the idea of floating shelves in the kitchen but don’t have the gumption to replace your cabinets, consider just removing a few of the cabinet doors and wallpapering or painting the exposed insides for an easier, less permanent option.

Remove some of the cabinet doors to add depth to your kitchen space

Another view of orderly exposed cabinets