Grouping Picture Frames

Ever wondered how to display your motley crew of photos or artwork? Having framed photos strewn about can create a comforting atmosphere, but sometimes border on looking too cluttered. I love putting things in frames and arranging them on a wall so they become the focal point in a room or hallway. Some people have a knack for assembling varieties of frames, but an easy way out is to buy a bunch of varying shapes and sizes, then painting them all the same color (black, white, fuschia perhaps…).

Even easier is to buy a set of frames all the same size and color, but these look best hung up with equal spacing and in even rows, which can be a pain unless you love rulers and levels (if you’re set on doing it this way, I recommend laying the frames out on the floor on top of a large piece of butcher paper, tracing around the frames, then hanging the paper on the wall with tape and hammering in nails right through the paper). Some ideas to inspire, below:

White and brown frames hung in a repeating pattern

Another grouping of neutral-colored frames

Frames in the same color and style arranged on a line

A great collection of greens


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