Cutting Out Mail Clutter

The easiest way to cut down on the clutter mail can cause is to keep less of it from making its way into your home. Not only does this mean less junk for you to sort through, it means less thrown out as trash or energy spent recycling it so you’ll be helping the environment too. A few ideas:

  • Pay bills online whenever possible (most companies have this option, just check your paper statements or head to the company’s website), then opt for paperless statements
  • Check out to opt out of receiving catalogs, junk mail and phone books
  • Stop receiving credit card and insurance offers by opting out at

Once you get your mail to consist of magazines, catalogs, and letters you do want, you’ll want to store it someplace where you can access it without it taking up a lot of space. My favorite method is with wall organizers, which are super easy to install and can typically live in an inconspicuous spot in your entryway, kitchen, or office. The ones pictured here are from Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn.

A Google search for “wall file holder” will give you a ton of options, including some that are much cheaper, albeit not quite as easy on the eyes. One option is to buy a few cheap, mesh metal versions from an office supply store, spraypaint them white or as close to your wall color as possible so they blend in, and hang a few in a vertical line. This idea works nicely for households where each person needs their own bin.


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