Picture Frame Necklace Holders

I think there’s an unwritten law that when two necklaces are left alone in a box, they will get hopelessly, inexplicably tangled up with each other. A way to avoid this is by hanging them up, which offers the added benefits of serving as pretty wall decor, and as a reminder of the cool stuff you own that might otherwise go forgotten when not in plain sight.

The easiest way to do this is by finding a cheap, wooden picture frame that has hanging hardware on the back of it. Paint the frame if you’d like, then either hammer in a row of small nails or attach small screws (you can find these fairly easily in hardware stores or Home Depot) along the top edge. Make sure you remove the glass from the frame when you’re hammering in the nails so you don’t break it, then replace and add a picture, or trace the size of the opening and add a sheet of construction paper in a color you like.


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